Our Technology

To complement our skills in basic virology, molecular biology and biochemical methods we collaborate with various (super-intelligent) scientists. By doing this we are building an integrated multidisciplinary toolkit.

We run the Institute's advanced microscopy facility.

We run the Institute's advanced microscopy facility.


Virus vs Microscope

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Viruses are really small, so we are using advanced microscopy to study them. Working with Dr. Ed Cohen, statistician extraordinaire, we have devised novel molecular counting methods to precisely quantify the interaction of antibodies with individual virus particles.


Virus vs Computer

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Computational biology is capable of simulating the mechanics of biological systems. In collaboration with Dr. Adrian Shepherd, we are using Molecular Dynamic simulations to investigate the conformational changes in viral and host proteins. Lenka Stejskal (see Team page) is our resident MD expert.


Virus vs Maths

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Through hypothesis-led experiments we build working models of how virus entry and immune evasion is likely to be happening. Collaboration with Dr. Chris Illingworth has allowed us to build mathematical frameworks to describe these models, analyse our data and predict the outcome of interventions that alter virus entry. You can read about some of our work on the Papers page