International HCV Meeting 2018

October 2018: Lenka and I packed up our powerpoint presentations and made the trip to Dublin for the 25th International Symposium on Hepatitis C and related viruses.

It was a great meeting with lots of fantastic science. We were particular excited to see the continuing focus on HCV vaccine efforts; there are a number of groups doing great work to understand the T-cell and B-cell response to HCV and how this may correlate with clearance. There are still some significant gaps in our understanding (not least, how to design an effective B-cell immunogen) but a lot of progress is being made.

Both Lenka and I were fortunate enough to be selected for short presentations. Lenka presented our multi-disciplinary work on the structure to function relationship of the HCV E2 glycoprotein, whilst I spoke about our work on the HCV receptor CD81.

Our presentations seemed to be well received; so well, in fact, that Lenka got the prize for best PhD presentation! When this was announced, I struggled not to jump in the air and do some serious air punching. Well done Lenka!